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Used auto parts

Used auto parts Used auto parts As an Italian used car parts dealer, Autodemolizioni Signor has been operating in the fields of car disposal and recycling and sale of spare parts since 1969, offering its customers a wide and varied selection of components.

Auto parts that satisfy both the demands of reliability and affordability. By visiting our warehouse or simply contacting us, you will be able to browse through an exhaustive list of Italian and foreign car spare part brands and models, as well as having the chance to check out all the different services offered by Autodemolizioni Signor.

The company's lifelong experience in used car parts trade in Italy is the ideal requisite for the ongoing acquisition of new competences, in order to supply high quality services and effectively manage all technical and bureaucratic requirements. Moreover, our professional staff is at your disposal for a well-informed selection of auto parts and components.


TEL. +39 0422 608225
FAX +39 0422 612063